02.05 Open studio workshop

02.05 Open studio workshop


As part of Fashion Revolutions week, experience Renata Brenha & Cocina’s unique studio, that combines a fashion lab and a plant-based professio​nal​ kitchen.

The session will start with a 30-minute empanadas cooking workshop led by Hernan de Majo. While the ‘empanadas’ will be baking, we will get engaged in an up-cycling workshop using unconventional materials with Renata. 

The workshop will finish with the degustation of our creation, giving the opportunity to share and engage about waste, sustainability, environmental and social responsibility.

This workshop runs from 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

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This Event takes place at Studio Cocina Shoreditch; unit 4, 45a Tudor Road, London E9 7SN.