Dinner 17.11. HONEY

Dinner 17.11. HONEY


This time in London, beekeepers Ballot-Flurin and fermentation specialist Andrew Pollock Tape, both based in the south of Pyrenees, France; will collaborate with Cocina in a night dedicated to celebrate honey.

A multi-courses experience, where chef Hernan De Majo’s plant based cuisine will pair exquisite drinks made from fermented honey. A variety of sparkling meads and jun kombuchas and will be part of the composition Andrew has created for all to experiment and discover.

We are excited to share this very special honey obtained through gentle beekeeping, a symbiotic method and philosophy that respect the bees’ balance and their environment.

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All drinks and service are included in the price.
Event starts at 7:30PM at Cocina Shoreditch studio (E9).